Financial planning is an important part of financial health. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, figuring out the best way to invest your money or the most effective way of spending it will allow you to plan ahead, pay bills on time and prosper.

Tax Service

You no doubt know the importance of timely and accurate tax compliance. Make sure you get every entitled deduction and be prepared for audit with our professional guidance.


Bookkeeping is a crucial process for any company, big or small. Recording income, sales, purchases and payments and keeping records of all transactions in a safe and secure environment is a must.


Intuit's QuickBooks is an accounting software that is extremely popular amongst small, medium and large sized business owners who have little or no accounting experience
(or accountants on the payroll.)

Houston Accounting

welcome imgMEI CPA, LLC is the number one choice for residents and business owners in the greater Houston area. Our team of experienced, certified and professional accountants will be more than happy to help with such tasks as personal and corporate taxes, payroll, estate and financial planning, bookkeeping, audit services and more. We have years of experience handling both small and larger accounts and can help you make the most of your money regardless of your budget or income.


When you trust MEI CPA, LLC with your hard-earned money, you know that you are putting your affairs in good hands. Whether you simply need some advice on how to invest your money or would like one of our Houston accountants to handle your business' books, we are here to help. Each and every one of our esteemed clients is treated with the attentive care that they deserve, and we aim to ensure that you understand exactly what is happening to your money every step of the way. We believe that an informed client is a client who can be confident that their assets are safe and prospering.


Years of accounting experience in Houston allow us to make the best recommendations based on your specific situation. Every client is unique and their needs vary greatly. Some are risk takers; others prefer to play it safe. Whatever your situation, we can help you build a customized investment plan that will fit your lifestyle and your needs. We have handled both small and large payrolls for Houston businesses and Houston corporations, and helped countless individuals and companies plan for and go through audits.


If you are in the greater Houston area and are looking for a competent, experienced and professional accounting firm to help you invest your money or save on your taxes, then give MEI CPA, LLC a call today. We will gladly meet with you to assess your needs and offer you a free estimate on any Houston accounting service you may require. Better still, stop by our Houston accounting offices to meet us in person – we always make time for our customers, even when unannounced.

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